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The 6 best tools to give to an electrician

The best gift is always something practical and functional, and these options are perfect for electricians.

If your father, brother, uncle, grandfather or even your boyfriend are dedicated to being electricians, and you want to show them how much you appreciate their daily work, these gifts could help you. To be the best in their work, they must have the best tools, with the best technology that makes them stand out from the rest. Check these 6 options to give as a gift.

1. A VAMPLIERS plier

bla electrical A VAMPLIERS plier

These pliers have horizontal and vertical teeth in the concave jaw, for a better grip of the screw. It is resistant, non-slip and made in Japan.

It is ideal for removing special or rusted screws of larger sizes. Its teeth in two directions make it very precise at the time of grip. 43% of the people who have used it describe it as a quality tool.

2. Klein Tools 40072 Electrician Gloves

Bla electrical Klein Tools 40072 Electrician Gloves

The exclusive material of the palm and fingers (TPB 50% / Synthetic leather 30% / Neoprene 20%) provides durability and resistance. In addition, the fingers are secure with the extra coating for better grip and support when a cable is taken.

With a discount of 43%, you can buy these gloves for only $ 18.89. The most important thing when buying them is knowing that hands are the main work tools, so you must be safe and isolated from dangerous electric shocks.

3. Sperry: Current tester

Bla Electrical Current tester

This device test outputs from standard outlets (bathroom, kitchen, etc). It is made of impact resistant ABS housing. It also has soft rubber grip handles to isolate electricity.

The Sperry current tester is compact, so it will save space in your toolbox. It does not have cables like other testers, but it works efficiently to check the quality of the current, notifying the frequency and other electrical indicators with coded lights. In addition, it has a discount of 46%, giving you a final price of only $ 7.

4. Klein NCVT: Contact voltage tester

Bla Electrical Klein NCVT: Contact voltage tester

It detects and automatically indicates the low voltage (12-48 V AC) and the standard voltage (48-1000 V AC). It has green LED lights to indicate that the tester is working. With a compact and functional design.

As one of the best selling products in Amazon, this voltage tester is a truly useful tool to save money and especially space. In addition, its design allows it to enter small places such as plugs and illuminate the space.

5. Electrician’s toolkit

Bla Electrical Electrician's toolkit

This set of electric tools has 22 pieces. It comes in a practical organizer bag to transport them. Each piece has an ergonomic insulating handle.

The advantage of a Toolkit is that you do not need anything else to work. It is ideal for beginners, and with the organizer bag, you can keep each piece safe during the commute to work. For $ 80 it is a gift that will last a lifetime.


6. Combo Switch receptacle

Bla Electrical Combo Switch receptacle
It is a combined set of electricity, which allows the user to control up to 3 outlets and 2 lights, with the 2 remote controls. It works with a range of up to 110 feet.

This product has a high-quality ETL certificate with a guarantee of 18 months. With it, you can control appliances or appliances from anywhere in your home. You can transform your house into an automated and safe place.

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