SEO is Dead? Really?

Hala, they have already killed SEO again.

And they go PETA hundred thousand times. It is enough that Google breathes and announces some change in the algorithm so that a legion of people throws themselves into the networks, eager for blood, to proclaim that SEO has died.

Like a few months ago we met Google’s plans to further extend the use of artificial intelligence in its search algorithm, something that should not surprise anyone at this point in the movie, and that Google has already advanced with the introduction of RankBrain.

But the proclamation that SEO has died has been heard so many times before that it is already like the story of Peter and the wolf. The day that SEO positioning really dies, it will do so because nothing is eternal in this valley of tears, except the cold and bony hand of Death (one is a fan of Terry Pratchett, what are we going to do), nobody knows will believe.

Every time it is claimed that #SEO has died, 100 videos of kittens are uploaded to YouTube.There is something pathological in this endeavor to kill one of the star techniques of online marketing. Perhaps it is because knowing really SEO positioning is devilishly complex, requires constant updating and makes you a member of the club of those who possess arcane knowledge that we are vetoed to the rest of the mortals. I wonder if they recognize each other by shaking hands in a special way. like Freemasons and members of secret societies.

That’s why you’ll see 10,000 million ads for online marketing courses, community manager or online advertising, but far fewer SEO courses or masters. Because knowledge in this field is acquired through experience. It is not the same to try to position the Pepe shoe website so that users of Zarcillejos del P├íramo and its metropolitan area can see it with the best professionals in the sector so that your bank appears first when someone types “mortgage” in Google. Many professionals may have used free online paraphase tool to write content on their websites which may have harmed them in the long run.

The first is relatively easy with minimal knowledge, for the second there is no masters worth. The fact is that SEO positioning is proving more difficult to kill than the zombies of The Walking Dead.

Why SEO positioning is still very much alive
1. Google is interested in SEO
To start, as I said in a previous post because Google itself is interested in the existence of SEO. Let’s see if he would give so many clues about his algorithm. The hypothesis that the development of “intelligent” search algorithms by Google will end SEO is not new.

In fact, it is a recurring theme to justify the idea that SEO has died (or is about to do so). In my opinion, nothing is further from reality. If the SEO has shown to have more lives than a horde of cats of the hell is because it is a technique that evolves in parallel to Google’s own algorithm.

Therefore, an evolution of this algorithm will lead SEO technicians to (after grinding and gnashing their teeth and mentioning all the deaths of more than one Mountain View manager) get down to work and do what they have always done: play with Google the cat and the mouse. They are the mouse and Google the cat. And like most cats, Google has no intention of killing the mouse; Unless he is very hungry, he just wants to play with him.

2. The relationship between SEO and SEM positioning
Google is interested in the existence of SEO because it knows that SEO and SEM go hand in hand and are part of an integrated strategy. Most agencies and SEO companies are also responsible for advertising in the search engine. Therefore, SEO technicians are one of the main prescribers of advertising on Google.

It is not advisable that they know everything, because it would make them lose publicity, but it is convenient for them that SEO has a limited effectiveness, something that ultimately results in more paid advertising in the search results. There always comes a time when an SEO technician tells a client: “here comes what I can do. More than this level you will not be able to reach without paying. ”

3. Common sense
The advance of artificial intelligence is not so much that it is unpredictable. While waiting for quantum computers and neural networks, machines are still machines. However, it is true that for certain tasks the machines are much better than human beings.

That’s why they beat the world chess champions because they are very good at displaying trees of possibilities in an ultra-fast way, something that is perfectly applicable to the search algorithms or the driving of autonomous vehicles.

Not in vain Google is very involved in the latter, the decades of learning trying to understand what exactly we look for when we write something in the search engine have given them a huge knowledge about the subject. Of course, Google’s algorithm is evolving to be more unpredictable, simply because we humans are too.

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