How to organize a musical event

Listening to your favorite band in a live performance is exciting and invigorating. The adrenaline present in musical shows is able to make anyone’s day happier. But have you stopped to think how it all is behind the scenes? Organizing a party, show or other type of musical event is as exciting as attending one. The work is hard, and some details are essential to the success of the event.

We have selected some important steps for you that have started now and are organizing your first musical events. Check out:

What is the ideal date?
The date of the event is decisive for the success or failure of the event, we must define it with great care. Check to see if there are events scheduled on the intended date in the same city or nearby regions that can split the audience that could go to your show. The proximity of public holidays can also be detrimental if the city of the event is not touristy.

The place
The first thing to think about before setting the venue is the estimated audience for the event. How many people do you expect to receive? Discard very large seats for small audiences.

Also define whether the event will be indoors or open. Indoors, check items such as emergency exit, air circulation, location and quantity of available toilets, accessibility, good acoustics, easy access by bus and taxi, among others. Also check the history of on-site events, if the house is known to host punk-style musical events, it will hardly attract the gospel audience. Always remember to request the operating license for your event in advance .

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Check-list and detailed budget
Make a check-list with all the services that need to be hired and all the things that need to be bought. This list will help you take control of activities and not forget anything, gather information such as the contact of those responsible for activities and suppliers, and still have control of deadlines.

Then, make the detailed budget to help you in the total control of each expense.

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At the hiring stage you need to recruit a qualified team . The producer must have a group of experienced professionals in the area of events. Remember that sound, assembly, cleaning and security teams can not be lacking. As for the technical part, look for renowned professionals, investigate possible lawsuits and seek as many references as possible. If this team fails, the event may go down.

Hire the Best Music 


Another contractor who deserves attention is the artist himself . Much of the musical event starts there, after all, you have to hire a band, musician or DJ that fits the identity of production and your budget. In addition to the cache, observe the demands of attraction and be sure to insert clauses that protect the organization of the show in case of setbacks.

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