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How can I learn Thai massage?


People often ask me this question. At first, I thought that the answer was more than obvious, everything is solved by taking classes! But in reality, there is more than one answer. In this post, I tell you the different options you have to learn how to do Thai massage.

The best choice

For me, the best way to learn Thai massage or any other technique is in the traditional style, that is, through face-to-face classes, as was done in the past, learning from master to disciple.


And it is that when it comes to playing, coordinating movements and correcting posture, nothing better than practising under the supervision of an experienced hand.


Attending classes also gives you the opportunity to interact with people who have aspirations related to yours, this makes you motivate and learn faster.


To Marcelo, one of my dearest friends and with whom I still have contact even though they separated us more than 15,000 kilometres, I met him while studying traditional Chinese medicine.


I also remember the camaraderie and the practices with other colleagues during my courses of Thai massage, all that led me to learn and set the techniques to get the most out of them in the cabinet.


Undoubtedly, the best way to learn Thai massage, whatever the motivation you have, whether it is of a professional nature, or simply to be an amateur masseuse, the best option is taking face-to-face classes.


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And if I do not have time or resources?


It is clear that in certain situations you may not be able to take classes, for example:


-You do not have classes where you live.


-You do not have the resources to pay for a course.


-You do not have the time.


-Simply you want to introduce yourself to see if you like it.


If you are in one of these categories, tranquil @, you do not have to stay with the desire. There are countless things you can do to start taking your first steps, or even advance when you already have a base. Here are some of them:



When was the last time you bought a book about a topic that interested you? I think that buying a good book (or several) is an interesting alternative when you want to introduce yourself or know a little more.


Another advantage is that you go at your own pace, and the investment is usually quite low, or even zero, visiting your local library.


The main disadvantage is that some manoeuvres may not be understood correctly, or the way to execute them correctly is not explained in detail. There are many things that are lost when only the image is available.



Thai massage videos

This is an excellent choice since having the images in motion you can appreciate much better the quality of each movement, especially when accompanied by the corresponding explanations.


I must say that for me, the video has been and continues to be an important resource to continue my training when I cannot take courses with other professionals or travel.


The downside is that due to the explosion of information on channels such as YouTube, we can often find bad examples. I have seen videos, some of them even made in Thailand, where the therapist’s position during the message left a lot to be desired. Following a model like this can give you more problems than solutions.


I think the best way to exploit this medium is when you already have experience. In this way, you will have a parameter to compare and filter all the information that can reach you.


When you are a beginner you can take advantage of the video, but I think that if you are seriously interested, at some point you should commit to signing up for a classroom course with a qualified teacher. Personally, I do not believe in online massage courses. If you are going to play to heal, there must be someone to see you and guide your hands. But if your intention is to polish your technique or introduce yourself as a hobbyist, taking advantage of the format of the video can be a great option.


I am currently preparing some online programs, if you want to let you know before anyone else launches the next, leave your data below:

3-Go for a message


Very few people are aware of everything that can be learned by receiving messages. I would say that almost half of the best I learned in Thailand I learned by receiving messages in every place I could.


Also, this is something you can do wherever you are, you do not need to travel to Thailand to get a Thai massage!


If you are a massage therapist you can even arrange exchange sessions with a trusted Thai therapist. And if you do not find someone to do an exchange with, locate a message centre or a Thai masseuse and pay for the sessions. If you aspire to live from massage, you will be creating good karma; that is, paying a masseuse will turn the “wheel” so that in the future they will pay you.


If you want to meet some of the best therapists graduated from Shiva that, go to




The first thing you can do is start looking for books and research on YouTube. With that, you will have enough to start. If you decide to go a step further, you should look for a classroom course.


But do not think that even taking a course and getting a diploma will end, in fact, that’s when everything really starts. If you can discover the beauty of this art, you will see that there is always something new to learn.


With each step your work will become more creative and precise, you will be able to help more people and in a better way, and you will see that in reality you never finish learning because that would be equivalent to putting limits on your expansion. So get going, research, practice and enjoy the way, mastery can be closer than it seems. Keep in mind that time will pass in any way, how will you spend the next few years? Wishing to be … or becoming what you want to be?


Very well, I hope I have clarified something about the possibilities you have when learning Thai massage. If you are in Catalonia, look over the right sidebar where you will find our next courses. If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comments area or write to me


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