Five steps to give the perfect massage

Five steps to give the perfect massage attended the first massage workshop of Love in Care by Art Lab, a series of workshops that will be given by its expert Álvaro Guzmán and will take place in each season of the year (summer, autumn, winter and spring) in Madrid. Through them, you can learn the tricks and secrets that hide behind the most complete message, as well as the need to return touch to our lives.

1. The oil and first contact

Spray our hands and wrists (we will use up to the forearm) with the chosen oil and make the first contact. The masseur’s hand rests on the lumbar region of the back and the oil is poured between the thumb and the rest of the fingers. Little by little it slides in an ascending route repeating the process every time with less oil. This step will last from 1 to 2 minutes.

Frictions and kneading

The frictions consist of transversally moving the superficial planes of the skin and the musculature. There are palmar, cubital and forearm frictions.

In kneading, the thumb advances dragging towards the rest of the fingers and the palm of the hand on the section of the musculature that we want to work. It begins with the buttocks, trapezius fibres, neck, shoulders and again the trapezius. If you want to look like a true expert, close this stage with digital kneading and knuckles, in centripetal, centrifugal and dissocial movements. This step takes about 6-8 minutes.

2. Pressures of Chinese Tui na

Moderate pressure with fast and vigorous forward movements that are made by pushing the skin longitudinally in one direction. Medium thumb pressures in the path of the spine reaching ascending to the cervical. 3 passes of 2-3 minutes.

3. A wide group of percussions

The name cannot be steadier. It begins with a flapping, (hands together and rhythmic tapping), concave clapping, punching, soft slapping and typing. 4 to 6 minutes. This is the trick of the expert, his star phase for an “author” message that he has created especially for the spring workshop.

4. Emptying and farewell

The hands fan out and a movement starts from the neck and shoulders. The route is descending, it is emptied from the centre of the back to both sides, it is recovered again, several centimetres slide with the edge of the hands and the manoeuvre is repeated.

5. Finish

This last step is followed by rotations and mobilizations: We begin by isolating the shoulder joint to proceed with average digital pressures around the mobilized scapula.

Subsequently, in the massage of feet, legs, hands and arms should also include rotations and mobilizations. (2-3 minutes on each side). Back of both legs (insisting on the area of the twins), decongestive foot massage. We turn his face up, continue with the anterior part (insisting on the quadriceps area), upper chest and upper extremities (ending each arm with a hand massage). And finally, a gentle head massage.

These courses cost 150 euros, last four hours and have practical class, laboratory and theoretical part, with surprises included.

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