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The most requested treatment in hairdressing salons this summer

A treatment to repair and nourish the hair from the root to the tips For years, keratin treatments have been one of the most demanded in beauty salons. At first, this method was sold as the new Japanese straightening thanks to its components, but the truth is that currently does not produce this effect, but […]

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The best boots in the Nike world

Essential allies of good football, they combine design, technology and comfort to perform at their best. Meet the models and their characteristics. They reign at the feet of great players and are the indispensable allies of goals that make history. They are not just another shoe: they have become carefully designed pieces, incorporating technologies dedicated […]

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Best running shoes: makes and models

Running is fashionable and is an excellent physical activity, which you can do in any public space. We tell you which is the ideal footwear.   Exercising is always a good idea but it is not advisable to start in any way, because an injury can take us off the track and quickly ruin our […]


The People’s Republic of China, or simply China, is the most populous country in the world with more than 1.3 billion inhabitants and the world’s leading economic power by GDP. The Asian country shines among an unusual contrast: its inhabitants live under the shadow of the controversial mandate of Xi Jinping and the spectacular economic […]

Actionable Tips to Stop Smoking

What you can not stop knowing if you want to stop smoking At present it has become clear the difficulty to quit smoking, being harmful to the health of one and the people around him. Fortunately, in Argentina, in the last 10 years, measures have been implemented and adhered to international agreements that have managed […]