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Best running shoes: makes and models

Running is fashionable and is an excellent physical activity, which you can do in any public space. We tell you which is the ideal footwear.


Exercising is always a good idea but it is not advisable to start in any way, because an injury can take us off the track and quickly ruin our plans. It is important to take care of ourselves, have an up-to-date medical physical and have the right equipment, both clothes and shoes. We tell you how to choose the best running shoes.


Choosing the best running shoes is not easy. There is a huge range of models and brands available that attract us with their colours, designs and promotions, but that does not mean they are right for us. It is easy to get carried away if we do not know what we are looking for.


When choosing footwear for running we have to consider different factors, such as our type of footprint and the environment in which we are going to run, and then search among the best models. Some recommendations to get the ideal pair of sneakers.

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How to choose the best running shoes


Most people tend to make the decision on which shoes to buy based on the price and design. But, while they are important points, they should not be the only reason that defines your purchase. The key is to know what use we are going to give footwear and what our specific needs are. We analyze the different factors to consider before making a decision.


Grip of footwear

Running on the mountain, on the street or on a training track is not the same. Therefore, we have to get a shoe that fits the platform on which we plan to do the exercise, that is, that has an adequate grip.


This is fundamental to achieve a higher performance because if we use a sole on the asphalt to run in the mountains, it is likely that the foot is constantly hooked and we have to make a greater effort. Not to mention the possibility of injuries.


Size of the shoe

The running shoe should be a little bigger than the shoes that the person wears every day. It is recommended to leave a horizontal finger between the foot and the tip of the shoe because the foot expands due to the heat and increases its size. If we want to avoid blisters, calluses or bumps on the nails, we must take special care with the waist.zapatillas running mujer


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Type of footprint

Another fundamental point to take into account is the type of footprint of each athlete. We tell you what they are.

  • Neutral footprint: distribute the contact evenly over the whole sole of the foot.
  • Supinator tread: receives the impact of the ground with the outer edge of the foot.
  • Pronator Tread: supports the inside of the foot when running. It is the most common category among women and the use of a shoe with a rigid sole is recommended.

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Price, colour and design

Once we established the use we are going to give the shoes and what are the particularities of our footprint, we can compare prices, colours and designs to find our ideal running shoes. For that, we can take into account the best brands and models.


Best sneakers for women

It is not the same footwear designed for men than for women. We already mentioned the difference in the tread but there are other factors that make certain models better for them.


women’s running shoes

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Running shoe woman

We share some of the best models of running shoes for women.


  • Asics Gel: the Japanese brand stands out for its models of running shoes. Their Gel models – be it the Cumulus 19, Kayano, Equation or any other – stand out for an excellent design in the area of the neck and hindfoot. They are designed so that the runner has good comfort and lightness. They have a high level of cushioning to achieve a soft footprint and a correct protection from impacts.
  • Adidas Supernova: this is a leading brand in sportswear and its women’s running shoes are no exception. This line is characterized by its comfort and stability. In addition, it has the boost technology, which generates an optimal cushioning and corrects the excess pronation of the runners.
  • Nike Air: in addition to having a great design, the Nike shoes are always a reference when talking about running shoes. This is due to the quality of their materials and permanent innovation in their models for running. This line of women’s shoes is recommended for those who work long and medium distance training. You can find more options at the official Nike store.


Best sneakers for men

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The male footprint is different from the female one and shoe manufacturers know it. It’s not just about colour or design, it’s about different factors that can help us run better. We tell you what are the best running shoes for men.


Running shoes for men


We share some of the best models of running shoes for men.


  • Adidas Ultraboost: As in the case of women, Adidas presents one of the best running shoes for men. The Ultraboost are designed for neutral riders looking for softness and comfort in their workouts. They were built with Boost technology and are made of a fabric that allows air circulation. The goal is to improve the breathability of footwear. They are perfect to train every day in long or medium distances.
  • Asics Nimbus: Asics Nimbus line is known to be one of the best. Every year there is a new model and they do not disappoint. They have a superior design that avoids the pressures in the instep and the front area of the footwear and a special reinforcement in the heel area, perfect for those who have problems in that area. At the same time, they maintain the most important characteristics of the brand: they are made of Flyte Foam, a midsole material that guarantees the cushioning and return of energy, they have the gel to reduce the impact and use ultra-resistant rubber in the sole.
  • New Balance Foam: this brand reappeared in the sports industry a few years ago ready to regain the market. His model Foam is one of the most comfortable and stable for male runners. They were designed for those who seek comfort, durability and quality. While they are exclusive for running, they work well for all types of training. Among its most interesting features are the holes in the area of the midsole that generate circulation and pronounced bending grooves.

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