We live in a life in which worries, uncertainty about something or constant changes make us suffer situations of stress. There are times when many people do not know how to react correctly to that stress and end up closing in on themselves, aggravating the problem and its consequences. However, in situations of stress, you […]

Why Loneliness is Better than a Bad Company?

The benefits of relating to other people are not debatable, but when you start to spend a little time in solitude, you grow as a person and that will make you improve your personal relationships in different aspects of your life. Loneliness is preferable before bad company. Remember this: a person who does not give […]

World Milk Day: the benefits of the first food, key to human development

A glass of milk (200 ml) contributes 30% of the recommended daily dose of calcium, helps with the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, in the coagulation of the blood and secretion of hormones, among many other advantages of this essential food for the organism Proteins are essential for the development of a person and […]

Actionable Tips to Stop Smoking

What you can not stop knowing if you want to stop smoking At present it has become clear the difficulty to quit smoking, being harmful to the health of one and the people around him. Fortunately, in Argentina, in the last 10 years, measures have been implemented and adhered to international agreements that have managed […]

Pluto has dunes! The scientists are amazed and we too

Until now, scientists were confident that Pluto’s atmosphere was too thin to generate dunes of the kind that exist in our deserts. But a new study published in Science reveals evidence of frozen methane dunes that make it more dynamic than we previously thought. The researchers used as a source of study the images sent […]

Did You know these 10 Curious Facts About Mathematics

Did You know these 10 Curious Facts About Mathematics? Mathematics is everything. Fundamental science, complex, diverse and simply fascinating. You like mathematics or not, you can not deny these affirmations. But today we are not going to talk about the importance of this science, today I want to invite you to join me in this […]

The 5 most popular sports in the world

The 5 most popular sports in the world For us, all sports are special. Each one in his style, composes a very wide and very interesting sports world. However, there are some sports that are more popular than others around the world, perhaps because these are the ones that have had the most publicity in […]