Actionable Tips to Stop Smoking

What you can not stop knowing if you want to stop smoking

At present it has become clear the difficulty to quit smoking, being harmful to the health of one and the people around him. Fortunately, in Argentina, in the last 10 years, measures have been implemented and adhered to international agreements that have managed to reduce tobacco consumption. This was demonstrated in 2013 by the Third Risk Factor Survey conducted by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

In 2005, it smoked 29.7% of the adult population, while in 2013 that proportion dropped to 25.1%. This could mean that 1 in 4 adults are smokers, observing that in a third of these people consumption begins before age 11.

What effects does it have on health?

Smoking has harmful effects on almost all organs of the body, causes various diseases and decreases the general health of smokers. The list of diseases caused by smoking is extended day by day, with cancer and cardiovascular problems (heart attacks, stroke and blockages in the arteries of the legs) the main negative consequences.

In our country it generates approximately 40,000 deaths per year, that is, more than 100 deaths per day, being a major problem for public health. It is also necessary to contemplate the economic problem that it generates, since the cost of treatments for diseases caused by cigarettes is around 4,300 million pesos per year.

How to stop smoking?

There are many ways to stop smoking and many resources to help achieve it, but the most important thing is to know that for the attempt to succeed, the person has to have the desire and willingness to do so. Family members, friends and co-workers can be very supportive.

Here are some tips that will help achieve this desired goal:

– Set a date

– Make a list of when you smoke

– Think different ways that allow you to replace the habit in situations more likely to relapse.

– Let everyone close to your project know

– Throw away all ashtrays, lighters, cigarettes or objects that remind you of the act of smoking.

– Be clear that even a single cigarette is harmful to health and can cause a relapse in the habit.

Are medications used?

Although there are chewing gum, nicotine patches or other prescription drugs, they should only be indicated by your treating doctor if you consider it necessary.

What symptoms can I have once I quit smoking?

Anxiety, tension or irritability, difficulty concentrating, problems sleeping and increase the desire to eat generating an increase in weight. All these symptoms arise from nicotine withdrawal and disappear with the passing of days.

What can be done if you want to smoke?

It is important to be calm and know that this unpleasant sensation will last no longer than 3-5 minutes. There are three situations in which you may feel many desires to return to smoking. Work stress, family or couple conflicts and social events related to alcohol consumption. The following are some tools that can be used to avoid relapse:

– Brush your teeth.

– Drink a glass of water.

– Use chewing gums without sugar.

– Drinking mate.

– Call a friend who understands it.

– Take a shower.

– Perform manual activities.

– Eat fruit and vegetables.

Is the electronic cigarette useful?

To date, the benefits and harms of the use of them are irrefutably unknown, which is why many countries, including Argentina, discourage the substitution of cigarettes for this tool.

Taking into account that the decrease in consumption is a gradual and continuous process worldwide, the World Health Organization has chosen May 31 as the World No Tobacco Day, with the aim of encouraging smokers to quit smoking governments to implement the necessary measures to control this problem.

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