9 suggestions to be a good conversationalist in society

9  suggestions to be a good conversationalist in society

A conversation in a cocktail or around a table can not become a monologue or a conference

Conversations Decalogue of the good socialite

The gatherings and conversations, be they in the field that they are, from work to the table, must be respectful and cordial, to avoid unpleasant or compromised situations.

1. In a controversial conversation at a dinner each diner must defend, at the outset, a specific position. “In general we tend to skip the turn of reply, as happens in our Congress of Deputies, and Spanish, unfortunately, tends to talk too loudly,” says Luis Antonio de Villena.


The host must respect everyone and, in principle, not be in favor of anyone so as not to disturb their guests. Although it must ensure that education and forms are not lost.


2. Word fluency and a sense of humor are fundamental to being a good conversationalist. “I remember that in one of Juan Benet’s gatherings, the old Duke of Alba, Jesús Aguirre, left on some occasion because he had some jokes, you have to have some endurance, but within education.


3. To encourage people to be comfortable at a dinner, it is good to do something informal so that everyone can mix at some time.


4. “What should never be done is to criticize: that person can be a friend of the host, which is a horror,” says journalist Josemi Rodríguez-Sieiro.


5. “It is forbidden to talk about diseases, it is very boring and tiresome, nor to touch on personal financial matters,” Rodríguez-Sieiro adds. “Most of the time, when someone makes a personal confession, it is best to listen and not to say, personal problems are usually for smaller meetings, among close friends Another mistake: to talk about oneself without stopping. the one that loves to be heard. ”


6. A good conversationalist is educated, knows the subject of the speaker but is also entertaining, does not engage in lecturing, to give lessons. In any case, if you give them, they must be very short, so that the conversation does not end up turned into a monologue.


7. It is essential to have anecdotes to tell and know how to tell them in an interesting and fun way. Everyone usually stays with these bright moments.


8. The gatherings, properly, usually take place after dinner. At a table it is convenient to talk a little with the person on the left and a little with the one on the right. Unless the table is round.


9. Above all, you have to show interest in the subject and give an opinion: that’s a conversation. If not, it becomes a monologue or a conference.

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