3 Reasons You Need Lawn Care Software

Children are stupid, can I say that? Maybe that’s too broad. Maybe it’s just that he was a dumb guy. Besides all the stupid things I did and said, I also remember thinking many things that an adult would never think. Interestingly, one of the most naive things I thought was that the work focused on manual work was easy.

lawn care software:

They are not easy, they are the opposite of easy. Not only are the jobs themselves difficult, the management of the companies that support those jobs is even more difficult. If you own a gardening or lawn care business, my hat is for you. That is a difficult and often ungrateful job.

Making three, five, twenty people show up at the right time in a house park or the office in the midst of God knows where to sweat in the sun is difficult. Having them finish their work on time so that half can go to House A while the other half goes to Office B seems almost impossible.

If only there was some kind of lawn care software that would allow you to manage programming, implementation, billing and other administrative functions that occupy all your time. If only there was a way to do it all without getting caught in the weeds.

  1. Keep everyone’s schedule online

Field service software can help your teams enter the field with as little effort as possible. In its most basic form, this is software designed to replace your whiteboard. At this time, you have a dry erase marker and a thousand sticky notes that detail what people should go during the day. That is not a great system.

First, it is clearly prone to error. You put a note in the wrong place and then nobody has any idea what is going on. Something is erased or moves prematurely, we are in the same place.

Second, it is not easily accessible. You can only see what happens if you are in the office or maybe talking to someone on the phone. Schedule updates must be eliminated, which means that people can take turns to their schedule that they do not know, simply because they have not had time to call the office.

Finally, it depends a lot on that person. Usually, we talk about an office manager, which is basically the glue that holds your company together. They know everyone and everything, and when they are sick or on vacation, it makes things very, very difficult.

Field service software solves these problems by automating the programming process while making it accessible to everyone. It also automates the system behind the programming, so that a single missing person does not break the whole process. This lawn care software for ipad can solve a lot of life mysteries for you as well. 

  1. Track all your stuff:

Lawn care requires many pieces to do well. That’s why it has a full trailer full of leaf blowers, lawn mowers and trimmers. All that requires care and administration. If a piece is missing or if something breaks in the middle of the week, you will be in a bind.

For a large part of that maintenance, it will depend on your team to tell you what needs to work and what is not where it should be. However, you can preempt the interruption curve by configuring a preventive maintenance schedule.

Lawn care software can help you track all the assets in your business, so that it never ends disastrously. You can also create a preventive maintenance plan that allows you to keep everything running in the best conditions, so you will never end up in a job site with a broken mower.

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